Friday, September 19, 2014

Wardrobe Items I love

2 items in the closet that I am currently loving:

I dunno what these are actually called... my friend & I call them our MC Hammer pants. Hahaha... tribal print parachute pants. They are THE BEST. I wear them almost every Friday. I would pretty much wear them every day if I could. 

They are very silky, light & comfortable!!! Perfect for hot Texas summers. And they are stretchy & not restricting AT ALL. I've gotten compliments from both teenagers & 50-year-old ladies while at Costco. Seriously, this lady stopped me for like 10 minutes to talk about my pants. I usually pair it with a black top. Sometimes with navy or red. I wasn't sure about the purchase initially... but now wish I had bought more pairs because I absolutely love them. 

Tips on purchasing MC Hammer pants:
  • Try on different sizes & different brands. A few brands looked horrible on me.... made me look like a teapot. This pair that I bought looked horrible in one size & perfect in the other size. 
  • I find that they look best when worn with sandals... not ballet flats. not sneakers. 
  • Don't be afraid of pattern... that's what makes these fun. 

I love these SHOES!!! I actually found them while shopping at a thrift store... it was love at first sight. I pranced around in them the whole time I was shopping & hubs just rolled his eyes. Anyways, so I'm not sure where the original owners bought them. When I googled the brand "Te Casan" , I found out that the whole brand flopped after a year of launching. Sad because it was actually Natalie Portman's line of shoes & there are some pretty cute shoes from that line & I like her!  I think the line failed because something to do with their $200 price tag for non-leather shoes. HAH. I got them for $25. 

Anyways, they are magenta velvet & work well for all kinds of occasions. I've worn them to work & to outings with friends & to weddings! They're wedges, so pretty easy to walk around in. Peep toes... I have a weakness for peep toed shoes. Since I normally stick to solid colored clothing, these shoes are my "accessory" to add some "oomph" to my outfits. Love them. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beauty Tip #4

As I get older, I notice that more and more of my teeth have become sensitive. Especially near my gum line, there are parts that hurt like crazy when the dentist touches those spots. It's sad & painful & I want to try my best to prevent tooth decay so I can eat with my natural teeth til the day I die.


  • Foods that are good for your teeth
    • Dairy
      • cheese, milk, yogurt
    • Water
    • Sugar-free gum
    • Non-starchy vegetables 
      • Celery, carrots, etc. 
  • Foods that are bad for your teeth
    • Acidic food
      • Tomato sauce, citrus, apples, orange juice, soda, wine, dressing or pickled foods
    • Sticky, sugary food
      • Think gummy bears, candy
    • Starchy food
      • Bread, pasta, pastries 
Some simple rules for taking care of your teeth:

  1. After eating acidic foods, do NOT brush your teeth straight after. The acid breaks down your enamel & brushing your teeth will only worsen the damage. Rinse your mouth with water or eat some dairy & wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. 
  2. Try to limit the number of candy, soda, pastries you eat. When you do eat those things, try to rinse your mouth with water and/or eat a piece of cheese. The cheese will help protect your teeth by potentially coating your teeth with calcium. It also has been shown to increase the pH of your mouth (making it a less acidic environment). Low-fat cheese works just as well as high-fat cheese so choose wisely. 
  3. Ending a meal with sugar-free gum & nonstarchy vegetables are a good way to protect your teeth as well because it stimulates saliva to help break down sugars leftover in your mouth after a meal. 
  4. Of course, you always hear-- brush twice a day & floss once a day. Especially floss on days you eat meat and starchy foods-- they ALWAYS get stuck in the gaps of my teeth.