Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week 21

Haven't been taking any belly pictures. I decided not to do that from the beginning just because I didn't want to HAVE to keep track of it. And plus, for the first few weeks, there's really nothing there.

This is what the belly progression was like for me:
Week 1-11: what belly? are you really pregnant? I could only tell I was pregnant from all the other symptoms. 

Week 12-14: the pooch. literally, you have a pooch. It's not a cute pregnant belly. It just looks like you ate at China Buffet for dinner... every night. And it doesn't go away. Oh AND my belly started getting FURRY at this time. YES. ugly peach fuzz---it's not cute. It's just hairy. Like short fine armhairs all over your once-was-smooth belly. Not everyone gets this. But my belly is not photogenic. Also started getting a dark line down the middle. BUT it's a crooked line-- it doesn't even go straight down the way it does in magazines & pictures online. It's like a 3 inch line that veers to the left a little, then the right a little & ends up at my belly button.

Week 15-20somethings: oooh cute pregnant belly time! It's time to shine little bump! This is probably the most photo-worthy time. Clothes get really uncomfortable so make sure to stock up on maternity clothing BEFORE week 15. I highly recommend full-panel belly items (where the stretchy cloth covers your whole belly for support). I don't like the low-waisted ones. The full-panel clothing items are MUCH more comfortable. 

This picture was me at Week 21 + 2 days. After coming home from Hubby's company Xmas party- aka makeup and hair are in full glory! ^^V

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I feel like...


But I'm sure I look more like Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum :D

The end.